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Bloggaday 333 – PWND: “I Want To Get Lost” and Busyness: A Bloggaday Double Feature part 2

Bloggaday 333 – PWND: “I Want To Get Lost” and Busyness: A Bloggaday Double Feature part 2
By David “I Need to Learn How to Spell Last Names” Dysart

Before we continue, a quick note to Riley, whom I tagged in this post. Just scroll to the middle for your mention. It’s at the end of the blog, but comes before all of the links. I’m assuming the PC you’re using is capable of such a complicated task, but I hear every new OS they release gets buggier and buggier. You can also just look for the string of 40 letters. That’s in your paragraph.

Unfortunately, people see that it’s a magazine class, and the only people attracted to take it are artists, writers, and graphic design people. At least that’s what it was like last year.
I’m an intelligent guy though. I formulated a plan. I was going to recruit students from the business club to come take the class.
Brilliant, I know. What could possibly go wrong?
Remember how I said I was a reasonably intelligent guy? Well… I’m also a slacker. I sent a few emails off to the various email addresses I could find for the Business club folks. The only email I got back was from someone who wasn’t even in the club anymore (and hadn’t been for quite some time).
So what did I do? Surely, I scoured my options, broke down the door of the secret meeting place of these people and recruited the very best and brightest.
Yeah… That’s not what slackers do. You can look it up in the dictionary, but usually definition 3 in most up-to-date dictionaries say something along the lines of: “A person or entity that stays away from one or more of the following activities: scouring, finding secret and well-hidden meeting places, forcefully destroying doors, shucking clams, recruiting people, especially on the basis of brightness and qualifications of being the best.”
I planted myself squarely on my thumb for a month. I asked a couple people if they knew anyone from the business club, but that’s pretty much the extent of my follow through. SO instead of saving me time, hassle, and headache down the road, I decided to be lazy and not put the extra effort into getting it sorted out.
Don’t I just inspire your trust and awe as a PR Director? I get the feeling I’m glad I can’t actually hear your responses.

And I actually wanted to break PR into two groups. I wanted one group to be primarily concerned with fundraising and the other group to be busy publicizing the magazine and the events. I don’t know if I necessarily would have done it like the submissions groups* and completely separated the groups, but they really have two different goals that would utilize two different types of people if we wanted to get the most out of PR.
If we really wanted to pimp out the whole PR division of the Sand Canyon Review, the layout would be
PR Director (Well versed in PR as a whole, primarily a delegator and manager)
Fundraising Manager (Someone who knows a lot about fundraising. Managerial skills would be nice, but as long as they know about fundraising, the PR Director would be able to pick up the slack)
Publicity Manager (This would be someone who’s familiar with advertisement and again, it would be a plus if they had managerial skills)

Each manager would then run a team of maybe… two more people? I guess if we had the bodies, three people, but I think a 7-person PR group would be pretty solid. Though honestly, if I had my way, I would probably want an extra body or two for publicity to carry out some of the ideas I have.

So… Yeah, in this setup, I wouldn’t be the PR Director. I would probably fit best as the Publicity Director.** While I’m not terribly versed in advertisement, I’ve done a bit before, I’m somewhat creative, and I already have a number of things I want to implement. Also, I don’t really have much fundraising experience, so I would want to be as far away from that section as I could.
Ah, it would be so fun. I could delve straight into using social media. I would get a podcast going. Try to establish web presence using our new website we’re getting apparently, and all of the social networking sites. Oh, but to do all of this, I would have to stumble into one heck of a PR Group this year. I just don’t really see that happening

Beyond this though, I’m trying to get a job. /Sigh. How do people with lives have time for anything? I barely have any semblance one,*** no job, and for a couple of more days, no school, and I’m having to schedule time for me to breath here. Though, if Riley Litzenluxchemetroplisvilletownshipberger is reading this, I have a Mac, so I have a nifty little calendar built into my Laptop that automatically syncs with my phone, so no matter where I go, I know exactly when to breathe since it was so user-friendly to schedule my breaks into it. HA!

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* There’s a separate Story Group, Poem Group, and Art Group to review submissions.
** And last year’s PR Director would have been a good Fundraising Manager.
*** A life that is.

Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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